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GMO Testing Facilities


We established the GMO laboratory research and environmental release facilities (Haide GM Crop Testing Facilities) under the standard of China and EU GMO Biosafety regulations. Facilities are in a closed environment. We have well closed molecular laboratories, automatic controlled greenhouse, controllable net-house, controllable testing field, soil and GMO materials disinfection system, water treatment and drainage system, and waste treatment system. We also have set up a set of regulations and standard operation procedure fully complying with the requirements of laboratory safety management and standard operation procedures (SOP). The testing facilities conform to carry out GMO experimental study and environmental release test, while the closed controllable GMO testing facility can ensure the safety of GMO tests and materials escape. Haide GM Crop Testing Facilities are both facilities and service platform to carry out GMO test all over the world. We can import GMO materials overseas, and carry out the experience and technology of testing study, intermediate testing, environmental release and production testing.

Full control greenhouse and controllable net-house




Soil and transgenic steam quenching furnace


Transgenic waste incinerator


Laboratory safety management rules and standard operating procedures (SOP)