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Invest in Haide Betelnut Project
Areca Production
Areca is the head of the famous "four Southern medicine", and its fruit contains many essential nutrients and beneficial substances, such as fat, areca oil, alkaloids, catechins, choline and other ingredients; Areca is also a medicine that has the functions to treat dysentery diarrhea and insecticidal to plot, at the same time it has the unique feature to defense malaria, important medicinal value and economic value. The Betel nut is a good thing which is chewed by the masses in some regions of Yunnan, Hainan, Hunan and Taiwan, and with the chewing, the fragrance is more rich. Hainan is the only major production area of China's areca, while Hunan is the center of fructus arecae immaturi processing and saleing, and Hunan areca industry annual output value of tens billions.
Haide Institute has nearly ten thousand pieces of areca plants cultivated by ours, so the institute not only is the important base for areca research and breeding, but also a veritable areca plantation. It is one of the largest areca production base in Hainan yacheng, and it annually produces fresh areca worth over one million yuan.
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