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Invest in the Bt Gene Project

Focus on the Research in Bt, to Seize the Industry Highs


For over a century, the Bt bacteria has become an immortal legend for the benefit of mankind. Human beings have gained a great economic benefit and a friendly environment reward from Bt.

Into twenty-first Century today, Bt becomes a hot spot which was chased by the agrochemical companies, biotechnology companies and seed companies. Who mastered the Bt, who is likely to lead the agricultural biotechnology industry in the future, this is not alarmist.

Haide welcome biotechnology research organization and seed companies come to develop and do reserch on Bt gene through joint, commission and other forms, and also cultivate transgenic Bt insect resistant crops with independent intellectual property rights.

2014 is a crucial year of seed industry transformation for China. If there is no R&D motivation and technological innovation, the seed industry will have no future. Focus on Bt research and seize the commanding heights is the best strategy to grasp the future of Chinese seed industry.

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