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Invest in HITAR Research Institute

Invest in HITAR resources, Lead the Future of the Industry


HITAR tropical agricultural resources research institute is an inventor and service provider, but not a producer. What is HITAR produce? HITAR produce new knowledge, new inventions, new technologies, and use their expertise to provide professional technical services. HITAR is a limited-liability independent legal enterprise, which has complete ownership of land and property, independent intellectual property rights, clear stock right of attribution.

HITAR welcome various types of financial capital and various forms of investment come to invest in HITAR tropical agricultural resources institute.

Invest in HITAR, you will have always scarce, nonrenewable land resources;
Invest in HITAR, you will have high-tech biotechnology breeding Park in the southernmost area of China;
Invest in HITAR, you will have the most mature molecular breeding technology, which is the breeding tool for modern seed industry;
Invest in HITAR, you will have unique Bt resources, and who have Bt, who will lead the Chinese seed industry;

If you are venture capital or private equity investors, HITAR is the excellent theme of recombination and merger, IPO;
If you are the managers of the traditional agriculture or seed industry enterprises, HITAR is the engine of sustainable development of enterprise;

2014 is the decisive year for Chinese seed industry transformation. China has no biotechnology seed enterprises like Monsanto of USA for lack of modern biotechnology innovation research and Development Center. No power of research and technological innovation, no future of the seed industry. Investment in HITAR is a great chance for the future of Chinese seed industry. And perhaps your seed industry is China Monsanto, if have the HITAR.

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