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HITAR Laboratory


We have a well-equipped biological science laboratory with experimental facilities and technologies for the study on plant and microbial biology.We can develop scientific experiments work in the fields of microbiology, genetics, biochemistry, molecular biology, agriculture and breeding science.

Based on the experience and technology, HITAR laboratory is able to carry out the following research work:

The phenotype and genotype of plant characters

Construction of plant molecular linkage map

Construction of plant mutant library and identification of mutants

Molecular mapping and cloning of functional genes in plants

Transgenic plants and small scale field experiments

Large scale isolation of Bt strains and characteristic identification

Cloning and expression of a novel Bt crystal protein

Target insect feeding and Bt protein measurement

The laboratory is set within Provincial Resources Institute in Yacheng, Sanya city, Hainan province. The laboratory listed as “Key Laboratory of Crop Molecular Breeding in Hainan Province” in 2001, and it is the provincial key laboratory in the most southern part of China.