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Areca Productions


Areca catechu L. is the most famous in “the foursouth medicines”. Areca fruit contains several nutrients and beneficial substancesnecessary for human beings, such as fat, areca oil, alkaloid, catechin, choline and other components. Areca is also a medicine herbs, it is helpful in treating diarrhea, abdominal pain with a unique function in aiti-malaria, which is of great medicinal value and economic value.As a chewing hoppy for the people in Yunnan, Hainan, Taiwan and parts of Hunan in China, fructus areca eimmaturi is more fragrant when you chewing more with a mellow taste. Hainan is the only main production areas of areca in China while Hunan is the center of processing and marketing. The annual output value of areca industry in Hunan is as much as ten billion RMB every year.

There are nearly ten thousand of areca plants cultivated by HITAR. It is a research and breeding base for areca while it is also an areca plantation indeed. The annual output of fresh areca fruit is worthy of more than millions RMB. HITAR is one of the biggest production bases in Yacheng area, Hainan.