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HITAR attaches great importance to the position and role of scientific journals in scientific research and regards establishing academic journals as an important method and contribution to devote to academic circles. HITAR used the name of its affiliated organization Hainan Institutes of Biotechnology to establish Molecular Plant Breeding in 2003. After more than ten years’ efforts, Molecular Plant Breeding has become an important platform of Chinese breeding research. HITAR established Molecular Plant Breeding Chinese online, Molecular Plant Breeding online, Plant Gene and Trait online, Medicinal Plant Research online, and International Journal of Horticulture online in 2010 with the help of International publishing platform.

Molecular Plant Breeding Printing Plate

Molecular Plant Breeding (ISSN1672-416X, CN46-1068/S) is a bimonthly issued scientific journal which is approved by Ministry of Science and Technology, examined by National News Publication Bureau, managed by Hainan Association for Science and Technology, and established by Hainan Institutes of Biotechnology. Academician Qifa Zhang from Huazhong Agricultural University is editor-in-chief. Academician Yuxian Zhu form Peking University, Dr. Weiren Wu from Zhejiang Agricultural University, Dr. Xuanjun Fang from HITAR are executive editor-in-chief.

Molecular Plant Breeding Online Edition

Molecular Plant Breeding (online, ISSN 1923-8266) is an open access and peer reviewed journal. It publishes original research papers involving in the transgenic breeding and marker assisted breeding in plants.