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Technology License


Hainan Institute of Tropical Agricultural Resources (HITAR) is a technological innovation research institute (an inventor).HITAR would not use our discoveries and techniques to produce the products (such as new varieties of crops or new biological pesticides). However, once our knowledge and technology are confirmed to be available for making products, or have commercial potential,HITAR wouldform intellectual property rights of information, technologiesand materials and then licensingthem to commercial organizations. HITAR had the successful case that licensing the technology to the powerful seedbiotechnology company.

Successful case

In 2006, HITAR was successfully licensed themolecular breeding technology which had independentintellectualproperty rightsto Bayer Crop Science, achievedahugereturn on intellectual property rights.

Key technology of license

EUI-GITS breeding technology for improving the seed yield of hybrid rice: using the GITS breeding method to select the genomic targeted interval that can control the elongated uppermost internode (EUI) or stigma exertion, and improve the seed yield of hybrid rice by raising the restorer line height or keeping not phimosis of male sterile line.