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Transgene Safety Management Group


HITAR management group on biosafety is established in accordance with the regulations and requirements of national GMO biosafety regulations, and responsible for HITAR GMO regulation, audit, consulting and advisory. It is responsible for the guidance on HITAR GMO research, supervision on HITAR GMO facility, the progress of HITAR GMO research and safety assessment regularly, the suggestion of GMO research reorientation, optimization and management solutions and security measures.

Jim Fang Professor, Doctor

 Group leader

 HITAR Legal representative, Director
Rober Zhu Associate,Master  Deputy  supervisor  HITAR

Deputy director

Ivy Yang Associate,Master  Deputy  supervisor  HITAR Research group PI
Newman Zhang Associate,Master  Group member  CuixiHitar transgenic plants testing facilities Technician
Eric Wu Associate,Master  Group member  CuixiHitar molecular and biological technology  laboratory Technician