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International Scientific Consultants


Since 2001, 1-2renowned scholars have been invited to HITAR and related research institutions for academic visit every year. These scholars who has certain international reputation and high academic standards in related disciplines provide the latest developments of research, technical know-how, talents cultivation and scientific research cooperation.

HITAR has invited scientists from France, Singapore, the United States, Britain, Belgium, Germany and other countries to visit China for the relevant scientific research fields advisory and consulting more than 10 times. These speed up the progress of related research, and promote the international cooperation in research.

Up to now, HITAR has funded and invited 10 internationally renowned scientists to visit HITAR and domestic related units for science visitand academic advisor activities more than 16 times.

Dr. Marc Giband(2001,2002,2009) French CRADbreeder of cotton genetics

Dr. Srinivasan Ramachandrand(2002)rice molecular biologist of National University of Singapore

Dr. Kimberly S. Reece(2003) America geneticist of shellfish

Dr. Noel Ellis(2004,2007) British JIC geneticist ofleguminosae

Dr. Prakash R. Arelli(2005) America breeder of heteroderaglycines resistance genetics

Dr. Alain Sailland(2006)Belgian bioscience rice specialist of Bayer

Dr. Rolf Tippkoetter(2007,2008) German pedologist of University of Bremen

Dr. Neil Crickmore(2008)British Bt biochemistry specialist of University of Sussex

Dr. KhosroKhodayari(2010,2011,2013) America SynTech Research chairman, specialist of CRO/GLP

Dr. Kent J. Bradford(2013) America specialist of plant genetic and breeding of University of California at Davis