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Hainan Institute of Tropical Agricultural Resources (HITAR, provincial resources institute for short), is a research institute transformed from institution to concentrates on its research in the areas of the molecular genetics, biochemistry, molecular biology and bioinformatics of plants and microbes, as well as molecular design and genetic improvement of dominant crops. The legal address is provincial resources institute, west of Yacheng Town, Sanya City, Hainan Province. The corporate representative and director is Dr. Dr Xuanjun Fang.

Provincial resources institute, whose predecessor is “Breeding Station of Three-line Hybrid Rice of Hainan Li & Miao Minorities Autonomous State of Guangdong Province” in 1975. In 1976, approved by the autonomous state government, it was named “Tropical Rice Institute of Hainan Li & Miao Minorities Autonomous State of Guangdong Province”, which is the autonomous state science and technology commission subordinates section chief institution, and the technical personnel is 33. In November 1987, it was taken over by the Hainan Administrative District Commission the revocation of autonomous state. In 1989, its name was changed into research institute of tropical agricultural resources on development and utilization in Hainan Province, and Provincial Resources Institute for short. It is full funding institution of division level directly subordinate to science and technology department of Hainan provincial government. On October 1999, Dr. Dr Xuanjun Fang was appointed to be the fifth director of provincial resources institute by science and technology department in Hainan province. On July 2002, it was transformed into private research institution of independent legal person approved by the people's government of Hainan province.

Scientific discovery and technological innovation as the driving force for sustainable development in the field of biological sciences, the provincial resources institute committed to the accumulation and identification of germplasm resources on plant (rice, soybean, cotton) and microorganisms (Bacillus, BT bacteria), the identification and cloning of new characters, new proteins and new genes, design and enhancement of new function and new characters. To form the intellectual property rights by publishing academic papers, and to improve the power and foundation of sustainable development by providing scientific services. 

We do not use our own discovery and technology to produce a product (such as new crop varieties or new biological pesticides), but once we confirm that our knowledge and technology can be used to make products or with commercial potential, we will form the intellectual property rights on knowledge, technology, materials and permit them to commercial institutions.

Based on the support of knowledge, discovery and technology, Hainan Haide Tropical Agricultural Resources Research Institute Co Ltd., by running key laboratory of crop molecular breeding, south breeding farm, transgenic experiment facility, Phd of microbiology in Guangxi university, Phd of biochemistry and molecular biology in North Forestry University, SynTech Research joint test base in USA, Cuixi Fuag demonstration farm, forming the facility, material and technology platform, and serve for the research and innovation. Cuixi Agricultural Development Corporation formed a commercial platform for research and innovation services with the help of Hainan Biological Engineering Association, Tihyde CropScience Service Co. Ltd., The HITAR institute Canada Inc.

HITAR General Purpose

To promote the development of biotechnology in modern agriculture and tropical resource utilization by building platforms of facility, germplasm, technology and industry for the research and development of tropical genetic resources. To make HITAR become the worldwide center of research and development in tropical agricultural resources.

HITAR Responsibilities

To do the innovation research of basic knowledge, new discovery and novel technology by combining frontier of science with conventional discipline.

To promote biotechnology transfer and commercialize new technology by developing the novel genes, germplasms and cultivars.

To enhance the overall research level of agriculture in China by establishing internationalized R&D system.

HITAR Spirit

Innovation, Motivation, Contribution

HITAR Research Interests

Plant genetics and molecular breeding of crops

Microbial biochemistry and molecular biology

Biological technology of biological pesticide and biocide

Genomics, proteomics and bioinformatics

Marine and freshwater cultured pearls

Design and integration of intelligent biological environment on intelligent agricultural production system