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There is no such a research institution that claims to have the perfect platform for research, even if it is for Harvard, MIT, or NAS. Research platform is a dynamic platform that needs to be developed along with the research progress. To establish a complete research platform is impossible, which HITAR is fully aware of this. Based on the research needs, the platform of HITAR is dynamic and constantly developing.

We try to establish a basic research platform that can basically meet the initial needs, which is just like our kitchen to meet our three meals a day, focusing on knowledge accumulation and innovation.

Through the establishment of joint postgraduate training relationship with the University, HITAR establishes an independent exploration research platform of university based, focusing on exploration and discoveries.

Based on the research collaboration with global contract research organizations, HITAR is able to extend the research platform by establishing joint laboratories, which meets all sorts of unexpected needs of HITAR researchers in the research processes.

HITAR fully realized the extension of our platform could be reached through the third party research service platform. We believe either private or public platform facilities could all “work for me”, such as BGI and South Human Genome Sequencing Center.