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HITAR never thinks that scientific achievements are identified artificially. Whether it is knowledge, discovery, or technical know-how, HITAR considers these achievements to be great as long as they are recognized by the peer, or accepted by the public, or production is applied. HITAR is committed to these achievements to serve the society and contribute to mankind, regarding it as HITAR's responsibility.

The achievements which we are proud of are: facilities platform, material platform, technology platform and commercial platform committed to research and technology transfer, supporting agricultural biotechnology. HITAR Institute, as a scientific innovator and technology service provider, has an extensive influential and enviable reputation in the world. HITAR Institute has strong market oriented research projects, especially in the genomic breeding, molecular marker polymerization breeding and Bt transgenic crops and so on; now, HITAR Institute also strongly recognized for our shareholders generous returns and dividends.

Independent R & D results:

Molecular marker assisted breeding (rice, soybean) with genome interval directed selection (GITS)

E hybrid rice cultivation technology increasing the yield of hybrid rice seed production (three line, two-line hybrid rice)

GITS molecular breeding technology for rice quality improvement

Molecular marker polymerization breeding technology for improving resistance of Soybean Cyst Nematode (high oil, high protein, anti SCN)

The new Bt strains were found and applied in the development of new biological pesticide (Lepidoptera, Coleoptera, Diptera, nematode)

The breeding of transgenic Bt crops (rice stem borer, corn borer, Helicoverpa armigera, soybean cyst nematode, sugarcane borer, potato beetle, beet armyworm, etc.)

Transgenic breeding technology for enhancing the resistance of rice system to improve the yield of rice

Provide third party cooperation research service:

Construction of mutant library and identification of mutants

Phenotype and genotype typing of plant traits

Construction of plant molecular linkage map

Molecular mapping and cloning of functional genes in plants

GMO safety assessment and environmental release test

Feeding of target insects and biological activity detection of Bt protein

Breeding of important plant genetic germplasms in Hainan

Service society, feedback Science:

Publication of the scientific journal of Molecular Plant Breeding

Publication of the 5 English versions of the OA International Journal of Science

Provide molecular breeding theory and technical training for breeders

Provide complete solutions of molecular breeding for breeding units

Joint training for biotechnology professionals of doctoral and master's degree

Provide internship opportunities for post bachelor, post-doctoral and staff training in foreign countries