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We have a permanent experimental and breeding farm, and this is a fully enclosed experimental farm with completed irrigation and drainage facilities. All experimental fields are covered with net room, they can effectively prevent the intrusion of animals, birds, rodents and most insects, that conform to the requirements of testing and field release for different sizes and grades of genetically modified materials, and closed experimental farms can ensure the safety and escape of important materials. Our experimental breeding farm is located in Yacheng town Sanya city Hainan province, where is well known as the Winter Nursing Breeding (WNB) Base in China. Due to the typical tropical geographic and climate conditions, we can achieve rice, bean, and corn etc. grow all the year round, even four generations a year. Rice F2 groups can be used for many years to grow. Cotton, eggplant and other annual plants can change into perennial plants here. It is recognized as an ideal place for elite germplasms to conservation, rapid multiplication and quick phenotyping.

The farm had been used as an experimental site for national project titled Rice Reactions to Sunlight and Temperature in China initiated by Prof. Ding, a famous rice scientist, and where was deemed to be the best place with the most abundant resource of sunlight and temperature. The farm also was employed as their Winter Nursing Breeding (WNB) Base by some famous breeders in the years of seventies and eighties of the twentieth century, such as the father of hybrid rice, Prof. Yuan, a Well-known rice breeder, Prof. Xie, Prof. Yang and Prof. Mou etc..