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Investment Opportunities

Investment Hiter resources, Leading the Industry Future


Hitar welcomes all types of financial capital and various forms of investment to invest in HD tropical agricultural resources research institute.

Hitar tropical agricultural resources research institute is a scientific innovation research institute and service provider, which take fundamental research on molecular genetics, biochemistry, molecular biology, biological information science of plant and microbial genetic resources and genetic improvement.

Hitar does not directly use their discovery and technology to produce some goods (like new crop varieties or new biological pesticides), however, once we confirm that our knowledge and technology can be used to make products, or have commercial potential, we will turn these knowledge, technology, materials into intellectual property rights, and give these intellectual property rights to some business enterprise.

Hitar is committed to do research on plant molecular marker assisted breeding technology, identification of Bt strain and new-type insecticide toxic protein & genes. Hitar also provide germplasm resources, genetic resources and solutions in order to develop better biotechnology pesticide and genetically modified crops.

2014 is a crucial year of seed industry transformation for China. The reason why China did not have a biotech seed enterprise like Monsanto in the United States is because Chinese seed industry lack of a modern biotechnology innovation research center. If there is no R&D motivation and technological innovation, the seed industry will have no future. Investment in Hiter, you will get a good chance to grasp the future of Chinese seed industry; participate in Hitar, your seed industry may can be the Chinese “Monsanto”.