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Doctor X.J. Fang was invited to visit and to present academic report in Life and Environmental Science College of Shanghai Normal University

On May 10, 2016, Dr. X.J. Fang, the executive chief editor of <Molecular Plant Breeding> and <Genomics and Applied Biology>, was invited to present an academic report for teachers and students in Life and Environmental Science College, with the subject of ‘molecular plant breeding-theory and practice’. Dr. Fang vividly described that topic, introducing domestic and abroad advanced ideas in breeding, as well as new technology and facilities, intellectual property right in genetic transition of breeding. Dr. Fang pointed out that breeding is science, at the same time it is also a king of handicraft, and the final sight of breeder is unique and       irreplaceable. Dr. Fang also introduced the ongoing project of CuiXi Biology Valley, which is based on intelligent agriculture and internet.

The Q&A section was active and lively. At then, Dr. Fang listened and learned the newest scientific research progress of functional rice presented by Prof. Y.Z. Dong, and visited the International Lab of Resource Chemistry, Comprehensive Lab Building, Institute of Plant Functional Gene and Greenhouse of Crop Genetic Breeding.

This visit surely would deepen the knowing of each other and lay the foundation for the future corporation

Reprint in CuiXi news

Article submitted by LuFei Zhang, the management department of project investment.