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Doctor X.J. Fang recruits doctor candidate in Northeast Forestry University

Doctor X.J. Fang recruits doctor candidate in Northeast Forestry University. Welcome to the homepage of Northeast Forestry University: http://yz.nefu.edu.cn

Or you can click here to find the brochure of doctor candidates recruitment: http://gra.nefu.edu.cn/?p=805

Feel free to contact supervisor: james.xj.fang@gmail.com

Major of enrollment: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Research interests: Molecular marker and molecular improvement

Total enrollment: 1

Test subject: ①English, ②Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, ③Cell Biology

Additional examination for those equal education: ①Plant physiology, ②Molecular Biology

For those equal education: Major should be similar and have published at least two SCI papers, or one SCI paper with high impact factor.

Test schedule: all examinee, including ordinary examination, continuous academic project, and undergraduate directing to PhD, should register online and be checked for qualification.

Date of online registration: 9th Feb. 2015 to 5th Mar. 2015

Qualification check: 8:30 AM to 11:30 AM; 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM. 12-13 Mar. 2015.

Examinees should return the filled form and hand in Personal ID card, graduation certificate and diploma. No acceptance after deadline.

Test Date

(1)Foreign language exam: afternoon of 21th Mar. 2015

(2)Comprehensive exam: 24-28 Mar. 2015, including written examination score and interview score. Specific time and spot will be informed by each department or college.

(3)Additional examination: additional examination for equal education and comprehensive exam are carried out simultaneously

Examinee should return the following forms:

1、Printed registry form generated by online registered system

2、Copies of certificates of undergraduate degree or master degree

3、Report card of master stamped with master's performance management department or common seal of archives office

4、Recommendation letter of two tutors in related research areas. 

5、Master thesis, currently master student should provide the abstract and content of your master thesis.

6、Honor certificate within 5 years, published academic paper, evidentiary material of archived patent and other original research result.

The 5th and 6th are the examination materials, which is no need to hand in at on-site examination

Examinee registered by letter should send materials to enrollment office of Northeast Forestry University before 11th Mar. Otherwise, the registration would fail. Examinee should come to university to do the qualification authorities and get admission card for entrance after registration.

Address: Admission Office of Northeast Forestry University in Hexing Road, XiangFang District, Harbin, Heilongjiang Province

Postcode: 150040

Tel. 0451-82192105, 82190710