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HITAR was Invited to Attend in the Opening Ceremony of Zhuji Innovation and Development Research Institute of Zhejiang Agriculture and Forestry University, as well as the Announcement Conference of Scientific and Technological Achievements

October in Jiyang, a rich fragrance of orange osmanthus. The school buildings were built jointly and a new chapter has been rewritten. In the morning of September 28th, the opening ceremony of Zhuji Innovation and Development Research Institute of Zhejiang Agriculture and Forestry University was held in the Pearl Hall of our college, which marks the school estate research by collaborative innovation platform officially settled in our academy.

We are honored to have the following people attended the ceremony: Youxian Sun, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, honorary president of Jiyang College; Guomo Zhou, president and chairman of Jiyang College; Liangping Xu, the mayor of Zhuji City; Binfu Bao and Peihua Jin, vice president; Xieliang Tan, municipal committee and vice mayor of Zhuji; and Daojin Shi, president of Jiyang College. The ceremony was presided over by Peihua Jin.



Zhou Guomo delivered a speech on behalf of the school. He pointed out that the establishment of Zhuji Innovation Development Research Institute was in accordance with the school further enhancing the ability of independent innovation in science and technology, and the social responsibility of actively serving the needs of local economic and social development, meanwhile meets the realistic needs of conforming to the cooperation work of school. He further highlighted that the institute will explore the development needs of establishing the regional industry and the effective mechanism of collaborative research with innovation, and strengthen the research and cooperation with the local in the fields of science and technology, achievement transformation, policy research and application, industrial transformation and upgrading research, etc., promote the innovation driven development of Zhuji and construct the new situation of the positive interaction between university and regional development.

Academician Youxian Sun unveiled the nameplate for Zhuji Innovation Development Research Institute of Zhejiang Agriculture and Forestry University, and awarded the institute's first president Jianqin Huang, Peihua Jin read out the founding documents of the institute, and the president of the institute and director of school science and technology department Jianqin Huang made a representative speech.

Daojin Shi introduced the establishment of the research institute. He said that the institute will actively do a good service work, participate in the construction and development work, assist research institute, and give full play to the role of research institute platform. Liangping Xu, on behalf of the Zhuji government, confirmed the significance and influence of the establishment of the research institute, and stated that he would fully support the construction of the institute, and play its role as a bridge link to boost local innovation driven development.

Binfu Bao and Xieliang Tan, the representatives of the two parties signed a framework agreement on cooperation and joint construction of Zhuji Innovation and Development Research Institute. Three first cooperation projects of the research institute were signed on the spot, e.g. the science and technology cooperation project of ecological environment protection of the National Wetland Park Baita Lake.

After the opening ceremony, Rongxiang Zhao and Guonian Zhu, the professors of Zhejiang University; Wensheng Dai and Jianchuan Pei, the professors of Zhejiang Agriculture and Forestry University, and Xuanjun Fang, the doctor of the Hainan Institute of Tropical Agricultural Resources (HITAR), presented their outstanding scientific and technological achievements respectively. During the ceremony, a scientific and technological achievements exhibition was also held.

Many people attended the opening ceremony. They are the representatives of school propaganda department, financial department, social cooperation office and business office, the leaders of secondary colleges, and the representatives of the related department (commissions, bureaus, offices) of Zhuji, township street, various functional departments, hundreds of innovative enterprises, and the teachers and students from Jiyang College.

Source: Jiyang College of Zhejiang Agriculture and Forestry University  

Social Cooperation and Business Department                   

Chen Bian /Text

Lingjun Chu/Photo