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Dr. Fang was Invited to Present an Academic Report by College of Life Sciences, Hainan Normal University

On 10 Mar., 2014, at the invitation of professor Wang Ruiping, the dean of College of Life Sciences, Hainan normal university, Dr. Fang Xuanjun, the director of HITAR (Hainan Provincial Institute of Tropical Agriculture Resources) presented an academic report with the title of "The discovery of new Bt toxic protein and the development of better biological pesticide and Bt crops". 

The report showed the history of Bt research, status and development prospects, and the results of the research team led by Dr. Fang. His report not only let people seen the bright prospect of Bt research, but also expanded ideas in the research direction, at the same time on his own experience proved that knowledge is the capital of the truth. At the end of report, Dr. Fang answered the related questions friendly. It turned out that this academic activity was fruitful and successful.