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Dr. Jim X.J. Fang invited to visit and to present an academic report at the U.C. Davis

Dr. Jim X.J. Fang, Director of Hainan Institute of Tropical Agricultural Resources was invited to visit the University of California, Davis from January 20 to 24, 2014. Dr. Fang was hosted by Professor Kent J. Bradford, the Director of Seed Biotechnology Center at U.C. Davis.

During the stay, Dr. Fang visited the Genome Center of U.C. Davis and the College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, where Dr. Fang discussed with several faculty members their own research progresses and common research interests in agriculture and biotechnology. In particular, Dr. Fang met and visited the facilities of Professor R. Michelmore, the Director of the Genome Center, Professors E. Blumwald, A. Van Deynze and J. Yoder from the Department of Plant Sciences, Professor M. Parrella of Department of Entomology and Professor P. Ronald of Department of Plant Pathology.
As an invited speaker of the Plant Sciences Winter Seminar Series at UC Davis, Dr. Fang made a presentation entitled "Discovering Novel Bt Toxins for Better Biopesticides and Biotech (GMO) Crops" on January 22nd in the Hall of College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, which attracted attentions from both faculties and students.