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Dr. Fang Attended the 2013 Agricultural Biotechnology International Conference


On 15th to 18th September, the Agricultural Biotechnology International Conference (ABIC) 2013 was held in the oil city Calgary, Alberta Province, Canada.

424 representatives from 23 countries around the world attended the conference; they are industry leaders, investors, managers of Biotech Corp, biotechnology industry experts, Venture capital and private equity, financial institutions, entrepreneurs, policy makers, patent attorneys and licensed professionals, biotechnology manufacturer, Scientists and engineers (researchers at all levels), animals, plants, microorganisms, energy, food and dairy products, academic and industrial researchers, Media professionals, law and other service providers, government officials, farmers and agricultural organizations, who gathered together to discuss the influence of agricultural biotechnology on agriculture, energy, prevention and health care (people and animals) and investment these four areas.

58 senior industry leaders, investors, government policy makers and scientists made keynote speeches on upon four topics, to share the achievements they made and challenges they faced in the field of agricultural biotechnology with other delegates.

In this session, the General Assembly made a selection of posters on the 18 projects from 5 different countries. The judges found that it was very hard to select the winner from these outstanding research projects of health and agriculture (food), environmental / global management, and productivity / quality three categories. Ultimately, the award was given to Dr. Fang Xuanjun, the HITAR Institute Canada, and the topic of Dr. Fang is <Discovering Novel B.T. Toxins for Better Bio-pesticides and Biotech Crops>. This is the only award of the general assembly, and Dr. Fang is the only winner.

The conference has 54 sponsors, including Bayer CropScience, Mosanto, Dow AgScience,  Dupont and other famous biotechnology enterprises. The conference has organized more than 40 successful Partnering Sessions and 29 Exhibitors.

The 2014 Agricultural Biotechnology International Conference (ABIC 2014) will be held in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Province, Canada.